ADDICTION - The Eyeshadow Palette 002 Everlasting Lilac 6.5g

Brand from Japan: ADDICTION. An eyeshadow palette projects a beautiful story. That has been handed down over generations to a new dimension of beauty by layering the timeless charm that will be loved forever with your uniqueness. With a soft texture like velvet and a transparency that melts into the skin, you can easily achieve a unique nuance. Basic colors with a variety of textures bring out your personality and express your multifaceted charm. 4 colors get endless possibilities. Skinmelt technology that coats the powder with oil blends into the skin and adheres perfectly to the skin. Alcohol free, paraben free, gluten free, and fragrance free. How to use: Gently take a small amount with your finger or the attached tip or brush. And spread it lightly on your eyelids.

80EUR :


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